As 'The Jury' how much copying do you see from Jack Dunn's The Vatican Boys (1997) by Dan Brown into The Da Vinci Code (2003)?

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Jack Dunn is an international, award winning author - 2008 USA IPPY Silver Medal for historical fiction. He has written 14 novels and 2 screenplays. His style of writing is a unique blending of historical events set in present day with fast-paced action, and is a unique genre of ‘Fact or Fiction’ thriller stories.

His first book, The Diary of General William Goffe was released in 1982. It was syndicated in The New England region Advocate newspapers in 20 weekly installments. It is estimated that from Vermont to New York City millions of readers read the story. The Dance through the Maze followed next in 1989. The Vatican Boys was first published and released in 1997. Then came Holyoke, The Belle Skinner Legacy in 2003 and Dan’s Big Idea in 2007. The 2008 novel Babylon’s Tablet of Destiny won Jack the prestigious national writing award presented in New York City in 2009. Ark Evil was published in 2010, The Third Secret of Fatima - Spanish Atlantis in 2012, The Little Book of Copying in 2013, Dagon’s Hat in 2013 and Whorlland in 2014. The Brown Code followed in 2014, The Durer Mystery in 2015 and Devils in the Country in 2016.

Jack’s most recent story The Da Vinci Fraud written with his co-author Jonathan Coad will be released in November 2021 by Silvertail Books.

Jack travels all over the world to find material for his stories, searching libraries, historical sites, remote places and secret histories that have long been forgotten. He lives in Western Massachusetts.


Jack Dunn, an award-winning author, has penned several captivating novels that blend international intrigue, mystery, and historical elements. His works are read worldwide, and here are some of his notable books:


  1. The Vatican Boys: An intriguing and gripping thriller with seismic true events at its core1. In this novel, Dunn delves into church corruption and secrets.
  2. The Dürer Mystery: New Revelations: Unraveling ancient enigmas, this book takes readers on a journey filled with hidden truths and unexpected twists1.
  3. The Da Vinci Fraud: The True Story of Dan Brown and the World’s Greatest…: A fascinating exploration of the real-life events behind Dan Brown’s famous plagiarized novel, The Da Vinci Code1.
  4. Devils in the Country: The Jack Dunn Story: A mysterious tale that delves into a writer’s life and high-level criminal cover-ups2.
  5. Holyoke, The Belle Skinner Legacy: A captivating odyssey set during the Civil War, intertwining history and personal journeys1.
  6. Babylon’s Tablet of Destiny: A novel that weaves together ancient artifacts, intrigue, and hidden prophecies1.
  7. The Vatican Boys II: The Garden of Eden Story: A continuation of the Vatican Boys saga, exploring deeper mysteries1.
  8. The Brown Code: A thrilling adventure that uncovers secrets and codes with global implications1.
  9. Dagon’s Hat: A mysterious journey to an island shrouded in enigma1.
  10. Whorlland: The Mysterious Island of: A captivating exploration of an unknown island’s secrets1.
  11. The Little Book of Copying: A thought-provoking work that delves into the art of replication and its consequences1.
  12. The Third Secret of Fatima and Spanish Atlantis: A sequel to The Vatican Boys revealing hidden truths and historical connections1.
  13. Ark Evil: A Novel by Jack Dunn, Paperback | Barnes

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  1. The Diary of General William Goffe by Dunn, Jack (1982) Paperback, In 1649 Charles I was beheaded by his subjects for tyranny. In 1982 a Diary is found in Hadley Massachusetts. In the lines of the writing are clues and codes that lead the characters to a cave in the settlement of Hadley.
  2. The Lost Hadith of The Quaran: Dunn, Jack: …

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