The Lost Hadith of The Quran

In the 21st Century, the world grapples with hatred toward Muslims, a sentiment that defies the teachings of all religious scriptures. Muhammad, the great prophet and founder of Islam, is revered by billions of believers worldwide. The Quran, revealed to him through the angel Gabriel, holds immense significance.

Now, let me share a fascinating tale: In 2023, two intrepid individuals, Catherine Turrell and Stephen Hathaway, stumble upon a remarkable discovery. A lost hadith of Muhammad surfaces at the Paris Mosque in France. But intrigue thickens—the mosque’s director meets a tragic end at the hands of the feared Tiger Squad from Saudi Arabia1.

Their quest leads them to Marrakesh, Morocco, where an ancient and wise man hints at answers hidden within an ancient church in Jerusalem. As they arrive in the Holy City, tensions between Jews and Palestinians escalate, foreshadowing a terrible conflict by year’s end. The clock ticks as Catherine and Stephen race to uncover the lost hadith—a final message from Muhammad. Will it reveal an evil plan to alter our world or bring about its end?


Reading age: 12 – 18+ years
Print length: 205 pages
Language: English
Publication date: February 9, 2024
Available formats: Kindle, paperback
Word Wise: Enabled
Enhanced typesetting: Enabled
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