The Lost Hadith of The Quran

In the 21st Century the Hatred of Muslims in the world is Un-Godly and defies all religious Scriptures!

Muhammad was a great prophet and the founder of Islam, with billions of believers in the world honoring Allah and the Quran revealed to him through the angel Gabriel.

In 2023, Catherine Turrell and Stephen Hathaway find out that a lost hadith of Muhammad has surfaced at the Paris Mosque in France. Its Director has been murdered by a member of the feared Tiger Squad of Saudi Arabia.

Catherine and Stephen first go to Marrakesh, Morocco, where they meet an old wise man who tells them there are answers in an ancient church in Jerusalem.

When they arrive in the Holy City, they find unrest between Jews and Palestinians which by the close of the year will turn into a terrible conflict.

The characters rush to find the lost hadith that is last message of Muhammad telling of an evil plan to change the world of today, or end it.


Jack Dunn